Beloved Church,

Today I am short on words, but always aware of the privilege God has given me to remind you that you are never alone in the Body of Christ. In light of the current events, Rachel, Ben, and I (with the help of a few friends) compiled a list of resources for you to carry with you in prayer today.

Please be well. Please know you are loved. Please trust in God’s abiding presence.

Yours in Christ,
Pastor Joanna 

If you have 45 minutes or more of your time, I highly recommend the Prayer Vigil that the United Church of Christ offered last night.. It can be viewed here: National Call for Prayer and Vigil

Prayer/Reflection Resources: 


This is a Worship Playlist compiled by Chris Burns:

Resources for Children and Families: 

A note from Rachel, posted in our CYF Facebook Group yesterday:

Families, today is the day we celebrate Epiphany. 🌟 Do you remember the story? Nate, Evey, Anya, and Avery told it to us so well in the pageant. We didn’t say it quite like this in the pageant, but King Herod was so threatened by the thought of a new king that he went on a deadly rampage. It must have been terrifying. The news of today is also terrifying. 😔 Power can be dangerous. Political opinions are and should be diverse, but we must always always always strive for peace…and not give up hope. Jesus, the newborn king, the prince of peace, the light in the darkness, gives us hope and taught us how to love. I don’t believe that these difficult days will last.

I strongly believe that LOVE wins. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 Take deep, slow breaths and remember sunsets, warm breezes, the sound of rain, the beauty of freshly fallen snow, and the laughter of children.

Together with our children, we will continue to act justly, love humbly, and walk humbly with our God. 🌈