Fellowship Activities

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Eliza Jennings

The Youth of LCC have worshipped with the residents of Eliza Jennings Nursing Home on the second Sunday of each month for the past 20 years. The worship is led by the Youth and tends to be as rewarding to them as it is to our friends at EJ.

Eighth and ninth graders participate in a year-long Confirmation program, led by the Senior Pastor. In addition to learning about the Bible (Old and New Testaments), the history of Lakewood Congregational Church, and the history of the United Church of Christ, the Youth participate in the following “out of church experiences” that serve to enrich their lessons: visits to a Jewish Temple, Islamic Mosque, Catholic Mass, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and worshipping at the UCC Amistad Chapel in downtown Cleveland. The Confirmation class creates a Class Banner of Christian symbols and confirmands present a Statement of Faith paper/project shared at their Confirmation celebration.

LCC Youth Musical
For over 40 years, the children and youth of LCC have put on a musical production for the congregation and community. It is a 3-4 month long commitment to spreading the Good News through music and drama. Productions have included Fiddler on the Roof, Honk! the Musical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Godspell.

Vacation Bible School
LCC, along with St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, hosts Vacation Bible School each summer for children (members and non-members) ages 4-11. The week-long program is filled with a variety of multi-sensory activities that revolve around a central Biblical theme.

Family Activities
LCC provides families with a variety of worship experiences throughout the year. They range from Advent and Lenten Gatherings to the annual Christmas Pageant/ Holiday Dinner, from “S’More Time with God” to a Jack-o-lantern carving event. The Children’s Faith Formation Team is always coming up with fresh and fun ideas for the families of LCC.

Literacy/Art Camp
Lakewood Congregational Church hosts a Literacy/Art Camp for preschool-age children. The children and their parents are exposed to famous artists and their works, and literature that incorporates the artists’ ideas. Parents are then given guidance as to how to develop the reading of the books to their children, while the children create art pieces that exemplify a particular artist’s concept.

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