Haynes Nursery School - Lakewood Congregational Church

LCC has provided early childhood education to Lakewood families through Haynes Nursery School, a half-day nursery school and preschool program started by LCC member Marjorie Haynes in 1966.

Haynes Nursery School Mission Statement
Haynes Nursery School offers a nondenominational, child-centered preschool experience for your child.  We provide an excellent program designed to promote physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth.  We view our role in your child’s life as that of care-givers as well as teachers.  We nurture the individual child while integrating him or her into a school/social setting.  We follow an early childhood literacy curriculum in a play-based setting.  We aim to partner with parents to provide a positive introduction to each student’s academic career.

Haynes Nursery School Goals

  • To increase a child’s sense of competence and self-worth
  • To foster unique abilities and meet individual needs
  • To provide security and gentle discipline
  • To increase a child’s skills in the areas of language development, small and large muscle control, and reading and math readiness
  • To offer experiences that help a child recognize their individual rights and those of others and learn to play and work in groups

Please contact Alison Yonkers, Director of Haynes Nursery School, for more information at (216) 256-1578.